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Long before the pergolas were built and ivy grew over its trellises, and long before the brick path was laid and the altar raised, the Garden was a simple backyard where Vernice McKellar enjoyed her flowers.

For 80 years, the Garden grew everything from olives to oranges to thousand of Camellia flowers, but always under the shade of its sycamore trees. 2007 marked the beginning of a new kind of growth, and beneath those sycamores, Bob married the love of his life, Ann, planting the roots for a lasting relationship.

Share your vows under those very same leaves while enjoying the gardens natural beauty, and add your own page to the story of Seven Sycamores.

The Glass Barn hosted its first wedding in 2013, but the building is one of Seven Sycamores oldest and most spectacular. Before its renovation, this open warehouse was alive with noise and movement, of hands packing freshly picked oranges, of trucks idling while boxes were loaded for delivery.

Now the Glass Barn houses a different kind of life, that of love and celebration. Balanced by its large wooden pillars and a wall of box-framed windows, the Glass Barn creates a rustic atmosphere that is heightened by its palpable history. In an age of do-it-yourself weddings, the Glass Barn is second to none, and provides a ready environment to complement any style of wedding, from simple to elaborate.